Ulu Papar Tales: a booklet of 9 oral histories from the region

Ulu Papar Tales, interviewed and illustrated by community researchers

This booklet features 9 oral histories and tales of strength, conflict and peacemaking on Dusun territory. Revealed by elders from Ulu Papar, these stories demonstrate their people’s long and continuous presence in the area and contribute to a valuable base of knowledge on Ulu Papar. Community researchers interviewed village elders, using their skills in participatory video (a community filmmaking approach) to document tales of origin, war, heroism and much more, and transforming Ulu Papar oral histories into the written word.

The contents of this booklet are a direct result of Ulu Papar communities in action. Download it here (7.3 MB).

We are so pleased by the continued community–based work and collaborations happening in Buayan, facilitated by community members, Gakushuin University and the partners they work with. Please visit our Southeast Asia programme page to learn about our earlier work on collaborative projects with Dusun communities in Sabah. Information on more recent community-led initiatives can be found in the reports section of the Help Communities in Borneo Protect their Heritage campaign page on GlobalGiving.