Samirah Siddiqui

Samirah Siddiqui is a conservation biologist, with a focus on marine and coastal habitats. Her experience working with human rights, environmental, and social impact organisations, training in life sciences, and experience in the arts and activism have positioned her focus at the intersection of ecology, social sciences, and art. In her work, she centres her interdisciplinary background and anti-colonial perspective and seeks to disrupt silos between art, activism, and academia. She sees community building as a form of world building, resilience, and resistance, and it has been a central tool in her decolonial practice. 

Samirah continues her commitment to decolonial methodologies as Managing Editor for Project Myopia, an online magazine dedicated to decolonising university curricula by crowdsourcing diverse material from students.

Samirah joins the GDF team as Programme Coordinator for the Global Environments Network. In this role, she works on programme development and implementation, and supports GEN with community building and engagement to nourish productive collaborations amongst GEN members.