Inanc Tekguc

From Cyprus, Inanc Tekguc‘s perspective in photography and videography is complemented by his MA in visual anthropology from the University of Kent (UK). His interest in community-based conservation and biocultural diversity has taken him to Kenya, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Morocco to carry out independent research, volunteer work or as part of his contribution to GDF projects. These experiences include the use of photographs and videos for geo-tagging and community mapping, inter-community training in the use of visual tools and visually documenting multidisciplinary research training and workshops.

Inanc’s photo story depicting the motivations of Kenya’s Samburu tribe to take on community-based conservation earned him the second place in a global travel photography contest, World Nomads Travel Scholarship 2010, organised by National Geographic’s Jason Edwards and the World Nomads scholarship programme. Inanc believes in the power of dance to cross all physical and mental borders to bring people together. He has been involved in social latin dances for some years, as a photographer and a social dancer.