Hafida Mazoud

  • Rural Entrepreneurship Consultant

Hafida Mazoud joined Global Diversity Foundation as Rural Entrepreneurship Consultant in May 2021 after completing her Master’s degree in Food Science and Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University. She holds a Master’s degree in Food Safety and Quality Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technologies from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

In 2017, Hafida worked as a food safety consultant with small businesses in the Souss region, before joining a local organisation as Communication and Project Coordinator. Her participation in the Global Business Institute at Indiana University led her to develop an interest in social entrepreneurship. She is co-founder of Triple E: Educate, Empower, Exchange, an initiative that promotes the right to access information by teaching young Moroccan students how to find and apply for scholarships.

Hafida is a native Tachelhit speaker who also speaks Arabic, English and French. She is eager to bring her passion for food security, justice and sovereignty to her work with the Global Diversity Foundation.