Protecting Biocultural Diversity (International Innovation Magazine)

Protecting biocultural diversity COMBIOSERVE thumbnail

Christian R Vogl, Gary J. Martin and Christoph Schunko are members of a project* supporting indigenous management of biocultural diversity in conserved areas. In this article, they discuss the importance of local participation, and the difficulties of integrating different forms of expertise.

Download the full article here: Protecting Biocultural Diversity, International Innovation Magazine (Research Media), Issue 151: Firm Foundations.

*GDF co-coordinated the three-year EU-funded project entitled “Assessing the effectiveness of community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation” (COMBIOSERVE), a consortium of 10 institutions working together to assess and support community-based strategies to manage diversity and develop novel research methods based on co-enquiry. Read about the COMBIOSERVE project here.